The First Being Way

first being conscious parentingWelcome to First Being, redefining parenting. Our goal is to create a world of conscious parents and thriving healthy babies by being loving towards ourselves.

Life with a newborn is no fairy tale, and many parents find themselves feeling unprepared for the rigors of caring for their new baby. A newborn’s needs are all encompassing and their entire world revolves around you, the caregiver. You are responsible for this baby’s every need, regardless of how that affects your own.

This can be frustrating and can lead to thoughts and feelings that we as parents are not comfortable with. Parenting stress is a new kind of stress, one that many first time parents are unsure how to deal with.

With First Being’s support, you will:

  •  Clear negative beliefs

  •  Create consciousness through mindfulness

  •  Connect your head and heart emotionally for better parenting awareness

  •  Teach gratitude as a manifestation tool

  •  Teach meditation through breathe work

  •  Learn to trust yourself and be confident as a parent

  •  Create a self-care plan

  •  Maximize your strengths

  •  Create a written contract between yourself and partner to follow