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    First Being focuses on parents first, allowing them to acknowledge their own challenges and to grow towards being a complete, mindful and conscious parent.

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    First Being is a place of safety and support for new parents as they begin the journey of parenthood. Learn about First Being and Ellen Weinstein, ACH.

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What is Mindful Parenting?


Mindful parenting means operating with compassion and gratitude, with awe for the cycles of creation. It means reflecting yourself and your ideals to your baby.

Mindful parenting is loving, compassionate and conscious, it is about being present to be an active participant in your and your children’s lives. It is embracing the notion that you are enough, accepting yourself and focusing on your strengths…whole parents raise whole children. Conscious and mindful parenting is about creating a family you love with thriving children and thriving parents; this includes a self-care plan to be sure that you as a parent are taking time to see to your own needs.

Conscious Being, Conscious Parenting

At First Being, we strive to help parents become mindful of their thoughts and actions, focusing their efforts and intentions towards being a joyful and involved caregiver. This level of awareness allows us as parents to break through preconceived notions and expectations and to care for both our children and ourselves, recognizing and celebrating the privilege of this new responsibility.


By becoming aware of our internal world and dialogue, and learning to nurture ourselves, we are enabled to give our children the mindful care they deserve. Whole parents create whole children. By learning to nurture ourselves, we learn to teach by example and nurture our babies, allowing them to grow into well rounded, emotionally healthy children.